MiniMe Still MIA

MiniMe is still missing in action (MIA). The photo above is the other bigger owlet (we think). Also know as Klingon, Twinkle Toes, Happy Feet and Big Foot.

Dad with one owlet
Dad with one owlet

We have been trying to find MiniMe. We look and listen. One owlet or two? By we, I mean all of us that live on the marsh in the parent owl’s territory. We call  and text each other what we see and hear. We also join up in our gardens, docks and marsh with binoculars and flashlights.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we do hear two owlet voices. But we cannot confirm. We have not found any evidence that MiniMe is permanently gone.  Until we see two owlets at the same time in different places, MiniMe’s status is MIA.

We have hope that Mm survives and is dancing in the treetops. Finally learning how to climb and fly.

One owlet is thriving, this we know for sure

In the meantime, we celebrate that one owlet is thriving. These photos were taken on April 1st. The owlet is in the very top of tall pines in front of our home. It looks good.

Many fans of the owlets and especially MiniMe, with all its travails, have written and called to find out if there is any news. And also to check on us, worried that we are despondent.

Scott and I are fine. We are secure in that we did whatever we could to help these magical creatures along in their life’s journeys. But we are also realists. And huge fans of mother nature.

Yesterday, our neighbors reported a wild turkey in the marsh! I did see it but was not stealthy enough to get a photo before it flushed. A female or juvenile, and wild, since it flew.

While trying to get a photo of the turkey, I spotted an easier subject.

Mallard in pond
Mallard in pond

So life goes on. I will continue to update this blog with photos of the Great Horned Owlet. Maybe not considered an owlet anymore – a juvenile? I will have to look that up. Teenager?

Last year about this same time, we had juvenile Great Horned Owls show up in our garden. We called them the ‘Twins’. They were the size of the owlet we have now in our area. They sat side by side, everyday, quiet and well behaved. Until feeding time.

They entertained us all summer long, the parents feeding them until late September. So we do have some experience, however last year, they did not appear as nestlings or even owlets. They were almost full size and still downy. And they could fly from tree to tree and were never on the ground. They could not hunt for themselves and the parents brought them live prey, once a huge snake. So we expect that we will be following and reporting on whatever the owls are doing for quite a while.

Thank you for all your comments, support and concern – for the owlets, MiniMe and me! And St. Scott.

And if we ever find MiniMe we will be sure to post it immediately!



2 thoughts on “MiniMe Still MIA”

  1. It is so hard sometimes to let Nature take over. We have ducklings on the lagoon and I know some of them are destined to become raccoon, hawk, or turtle, but I don’t like it. But at the same time, I love watching the hawks and want them to have food. I console myself by thinking that if all the ducklings survived, we’d be over run, so I guess Nature has her ways. Still, I know how hard you worked to support the little one and how heart-felt was your desire to help is succeed. Perhaps it is — and we just don’t know.

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