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I want to try to give you an idea about the perspective of the location of the nest in our garden. And particularly,  where  the parents hang out most of the day,  keeping watch over their owlets and taking a break from hunting. The photo above shows the tree where the nest, or nook,  is (upper right hand corner). In the distance you can see tall pine trees. The pines are on a high marsh island, uninhabited by humans.

Below is a clear view of the pines from our dock, just a short distance from the nook tree. I took these photos yesterday on a cold, rainy and windy day.

Tall pines on high marsh island. Parent Hangout
Tall pines on high marsh island. Parent Hangout

The parents take turns watching the owlets. One is usually nearer in the tree tops of the Live Oaks in neighboring gardens. And one is almost always in the tall pines pictured above. Below is a handsome fellow. Or perhaps gorgeous mother. One of the parent owls.

Mar 7 Dad in tall pines
Parent hanging out in the tall pines

And a close up of one of the parents. We think this is Dad.

Mar 7 close up of dad
A close up of parent keeping watch from a distance

Most of the photographs I have posted have been from the point of view as you look at the front of the nook of the tree, the view from our house. I take many shots from the back porch so I do not disturb the owlets. But there is a back door to the nest. The parents have a clear owl-eyed view into the back of the nook from the tall pines.

Below is the site line into our garden from the point of view in the pines. No, I did not climb the pine tree to see the exact point of view! Owls have acute vision and hearing. They can hear every squawk and see every move their owlets make.

Checking on kids from the pines
Checking on kids from the pines. View into the back door of the nook from a distance.
Zeroing in on the kids
Zeroing in on the kids
Mar 7 perspective getting closermore
Getting closer to the nest/nook tree, view into the back door 
Mar 7 perspective front of nest
The view as you look at the front of the nest/nook

The parents ALWAYS have eyes on the kids. So as indiscriminate as they are at building or renovating nests, they make up for it with tending their young to make certain they thrive.

Nature. No other explanation is needed.

Please see earlier posts for the stories and photos of the owlet adventures and how they came to be nestled in the nook of a Live Oak tree in our garden.