First Owlet down being returned to nest
First Owlet down being returned to nest

On February 9, 2014 we discovered a Great Horned Owl nest in a River Birch Tree on the west side of our house. We live in Charleston SC in Edgewater Park on Coburg Creek on the marsh. I began taking photos and sending emails to family and friends about what we saw and heard. The location of the nest was right outside our upstairs guest bedroom window. It has been a privilege to be able to observe these beautiful birds of prey so closely.

More and more people wanted to be kept up to date on our owlets. A brilliant colleague encouraged us to start a blog. So here we are. I wish we would have started it last week because so much has happened!

We spent the entire day Thursday, February 20 at The Center for Birds of Prey to learn as much as we could about these magnificent birds and how to be good stewards.

I cannot keep as a pet  ;-(
I cannot keep as a pet ;-(

We had a very interesting experience with young Great Horned Owls last year but they were not nestlings. At some point I will try to write about our past adventures. At the moment, we can barely keep up with our present attempts to foster our current guests.

As I write this, 6 PM on February 22, 2014 we have just put one (or the other) of the owlets back in the tree for the fourth time!

Dale and Scott

It is an adventure! Hoo hoo!

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