Abstract Photography

I have been experimenting with abstract photography and submitted the image below to a pop-up art show at the West Ashley Farmer’s Market sponsored by Fabulon and West Ashley Arts Initiative.


The photo was taken in the marsh behind my house. The golden color is spartina grass reflected  mid tide in the salt marsh. The squiggly lines? Periwinkle Snails and Fiddler Crab tracks!

The show is tomorrow and this is my first ever submission of one of my photos as a creative photographer. First step to wherever it takes me…



6 thoughts on “Abstract Photography”

  1. I will be at the farmer’s market tomorrow. Bravo! This looks beautiful. I want to see it in the flesh. You have the colors of a Vincent Van Gogh painting!!!

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  2. Ha! I know some people are particularly missing the owl photos. Need to work on that. A Great Horned Owl comes to our birdbath at dawn. Lots of splashing! We have to refill for all the little birds once the owl returns to its daytime roost on The Island.

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