Marsh Journey to “the Island”

This is the rest of the story of what happened on March 20th. It was a very long journey. It was quite a distance on foot (er, talons) for an owlet and it took a really long time.

Trying to escape foster parent, Dale. Uh oh, she sees me…

We left off with MiniMe jumping out the back door of the nest tree, just hours after The Examination.

I had a very rough morning...
I had a very rough morning…
No, but you are bigger than me..
I really want to be a marsh owlet or maybe a marsh HEN. They don’t fly very well either. 
Foster parent, Dale , tries one more time to put me in a tree...
One more time to put me in a tree…

This would be the third attempt within two hours to get MiniMe off the ground and into a safer place. (Since The Examination). If I had not been observing it the whole time there is no way I would believe this is the same little owlet I found completely spent and bedraggled in the marsh in the early morning, defenseless with a rising tide.

Not my best morning
Not my best morning

Below is MiniMe immediately after jumping out of third tree into a pile of leaves. I am sitting nearby and hear this big whumph! I don’t even have to look to know what happened.

I am determined to be a marsh owlet
MiniMe jumps out of this tree too,  determined to be a marsh owlet

I laugh! There is no stopping this little owlet from trekking across the marsh. Where is it going? It’s destination? THE ISLAND. (I know, this is beginning to sound like the owlet version of the sequel to Lost!)

Oops caught
I seriously want to be an Island Marsh Owlet. Do not follow me

But of course I do! I sit on the out back deck in our garden with camera and binoculars. I have given up on the red gloves. I keep track of MiniMe’s progress, first through the needle grass and then across the open marsh. It takes long rests every 20 to 30 yards. The rests last from 45 minutes to an hour or more.

Journey to The ISLAND
Journey to The ISLAND
Getting closer
Getting closer


Marsh trek rest
Marsh trek rest. It is difficult to walk through pluff mud. I have talons not webbed feet…
Waiting for the tide to go out
Makes the crossing to The ISLAND
Making tracks crossing to The ISLAND
Made it across!
I made it across the creeklet, now negotiating through the marsh grass to high ground
Using wings to get through tall spartina grass
Using wings to get through tall spartina grass
Parent watching over the journey
My parent watching over my journey
Finally! I’m on the The ISLAND!
Discovering my new home
Discovering my new home

Pop the Champagne! 

BTW Big Sib has been in the Live Oak tree, in approximately the same place since its rescue from the marsh over a week ago, Saturday, March 15, 2014. The bigger owlet learned its high tide marsh lesson the first time. And it has been on especially good behavior since witnessing MiniMe’s Examination!

Not so much with MiniMe. To be continued…..

2 thoughts on “Marsh Journey to “the Island””

  1. This ongoing saga is amazing! The pictures are fantastic and your captions crack me up! Can’t wait for the next episode!

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