What happened Sunday night?

After MiniMe plunged to earth again? For the second time?

There was Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek in the garden…
Hide and Seek in the trees...
Hide and Seek in the marsh…
Mar 17 hide and seek in the trees
Hide and Seek in the trees…

There was much discussion about the owlets, mother nature, human intervention, owl parenting skills, leaving well enough alone, high tide, raccoons, climbing versus flying abilities, etc. One thing we know for sure: The parent owls know where their kids are. And another thing we know for sure is that no matter what, they will feed them.

This discussion is going on while Scott and Dad are playing cribbage, Mom is trying to find out if owls can swim and I am making dinner (for a change). Crab cakes oddly enough. It is pouring rain and cold.

I complete all dinner preparation except for the actual cooking part. I can’t stand it. I get on my rain gear, boots, refill my wine glass and head out to walk along the marsh towards the faint sound of squawking owlets. But then it gets very, very quiet. Somebody make a noise. Nobody. They are good at Hide and Seek.

I am reassured that all is OK. The owlets have fledged. My job is done. I look to the tall pines and see that someone is on duty.

Thanks, I've got this now...
Thanks, I’ve got this now…and I have a fresh rat to deliver…

BUT. You knew there was going to be a BUT, didn’t you?

But I wasn’t quite done. What happened Monday morning is another whole story.

My parents are fledging too. It is time to take them to the airport. It is Tuesday afternoon. They have been super troopers with the Owletventures. They have been here for all the joy and awesomeness of baby owlets. And all the drama. When they arrived last week, the owlets were snuggled in the nest.

I want to thank Lou and Jeanne for everything. Joining in with us on our owlet diaries. Dad has the box, the blanket, the gloves thing down pat. Mom writes great captions and even did a guest blog. She has also been helping select the best photos to tell the story. Plus they were great about fending for themselves for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was always a joint effort.

So maybe when I get home later I will tell you about what happened on Monday. Oh, and I want to tell you about Nancy. She lives directly across from the tall pines marsh island. She texts me hourly to tell me what the parents are doing, the owl parents. And she is a riot. She calls hunting: Shop & Chop. More Nancy-isms later. Actually our text messages would make a great story on their own. Thanks Nancy!

Here is your preview about what happened on Monday. Wow, that was just yesterday….

I can explain...
I can explain…

3 thoughts on “What happened Sunday night?”

  1. Aww, thank-you. This owl adventure has been very informative and entertaining. I commend you Dale for all that you have done to help with the owlets still surviving.

    1. You have no idea how much you have helped me – with watching and reporting and with your wicked sense of humor. You have made it so much easier and fun to cope with these little rascals! (Not the term we use in our text messages! LOL)

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