Ray of Sunshine

Finally! It was a cold, rainy week but the weekend is glorious. The owlets enjoyed basking in the sunlight for most of Saturday morning in a sunny spot about three feet from their nook.  Twinkle Toes and MiniMe were very popular and many of their fans, ages from 2 to 80, came to visit them.

Posing politely for photos
Posing politely for photos

After politely posing for photos they decided to move back to the safety and security of the nook. I think that is when adorable toddler human twins came to see the baby birds.

Moving back to nook
Moving back to nook

Luckily, Vanessa came earlier and caught this great shot of the owlets basking in the warmth of the sun. See more on her website and blog.

Basking in the sun photo op
Basking in the sun photo op

We also explored the area under a parent’s favorite perch and discovered an owl pellet. Vanessa took this shot of me investigating its contents of bones and fur.

Examining an owl pellet

The owlets have begun to explore the second floor of their nook tree. NOW we can safely say they are “Branchers”! Please see earlier posts about the original nest collapse. They were definitely not ready for prime time yet,  falling seven times from the River Birch tree.

Exploring the second floor, using wings to balance.
Exploring the second floor, using wings to balance

Their wing and tail feathers are developing. From the front, they are still quite little fur balls.  Both photos below were taken on March 4th.

Can't wait to get my big boy/girl feathers
Can’t wait to get my big boy/girl feathers
My wing feathers are developing, I looking more like Mom everyday
My wing feathers are developing and I am looking more like Mom everyday

I have taken many more photos to share and intend to update the Gallery, and add a Timeline page, and write about how the owlets have redecorated the nest, and write about their very funny antics at feeding time, and learn how to use the video feature on my new camera, and learn how to edit and crop photos in Lr (Lightroom), and, and, and……….

Not only have the owlets been expensive, they have consumed my attention and time. And I love every second of it. Here is a parting photo from early this morning. You have to look closely to see Mom delivering breakfast from across the marsh.

Early morning breakfast delivery
Early morning breakfast delivery

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