Windy, cold and raining…enough already!

Actually the owlets are doing fine snug in the nook of the Live Oak tree. They huddle together to keep warm. Note that they even have a leftover mouse! Click on the photo below to enlarge and see the mouse just above the .com watermark. (If you dare! ) It appears to be headless as described in an earlier post about what owlets eat.

Snuggled into the nook to keep warm. We even have a leftover mouse!
Snuggled into the nook to keep warm. We even have a leftover mouse!

The leftovers have been there for two days. We wonder if they only eat ‘fresh’ prey? The owlets occasionally stand up to stretch their wings and dry out their feathers. Most the day, they are nestled into the safety and security of the nook. Until feeding time!

drying out feathers
Drying feathers out in the wind

We see the parents fly in to feed them at dawn and at dusk. We hear them – all four – communicating about what’s for dinner/breakfast and when it will be served. Dad hoots. Mom screeches and the kids squawk. Kind of just like people do!

I must say again that we really do not know one parent from the other. The female is larger but since we rarely see them both together, it is difficult to discern with our untrained eyes.

I caught this shot early this morning of a parent on the watch and hunting for prey on what we call ‘the perch’. It is a very tall dead branch that rises above the canopy of the Live Oak trees.

Parent on 'the perch'.
Parent on ‘the perch’

One thought on “Windy, cold and raining…enough already!”

  1. The parent is gone. I have checked out and purchased a lot of optics for bird watching. This pair is my best, you can focus a couple of feet away and zoom in far away. It is an Eagle Optics Ranger Platinum Class 8×42. Code# 024801. Check on line, it will probably be less expensive. I love it.

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