Owlets are expensive!

No, not for rats. Not for nest relocation services. And not for home improvement. But because they demanded I buy a new camera!!! Hoot and Hootette were not happy about how I have been portraying them in media.

I have been using a Nikon Coolpix 7600 and could not get the close up shots with any clarity. So this morning I bought a Nikon D5200 D-SLR with coaching and advice from pros Vanessa and my brother-in-law, Mike Riebesehl. This is my first shot, taken from the back porch.

New camera march 1 001
View from the back porch

The owlets have been snuggled in the nest most of this cold, damp day.

Pardon my rear
Pardon my rear

I am not a photographer; however this new camera is so amazing I’m beginning to feel like one. I am only on page 14 of the 88 page instruction manual. I know just enough to set it on auto and shoot. Very cool.

The owlets are waking up now, it is almost 6PM , getting close to feeding time. I can hear Mom hooting.

We are getting hungry
We are getting hungry

3 thoughts on “Owlets are expensive!”

  1. They really like to be touching each other, like they are almost attached.. No wonder they were upset early on when they got separated because the original nest fell apart! Love your new camera, the shots are incredible!

  2. I am enjoying the “Owlventures” and sharing with all my friends all over the Globe. They are fast becoming celebrities. Great job!

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