Ahhhh. Sigh. Tranquility.

No Drama. The delinquents stayed in their new crib all night!

Snuggled in our new home
Snuggled in our new home

The parents delivered fresh rodents for dinner last evening right on time. No one got knocked out of the nest. When Mom/Dad flew in to deliver fresh rats, they  behaved as if all was normal. Except that the parents had nice sturdy, secure branches on which to land.

Photo Op!
Photo Op!

Pipsqueak and Rat Tail Breath provided endless entertainment for us all afternoon yesterday settling into their new home. They did not do much exploring but seemed quite content to snuggle in and finish their breakfast.

It is quite windy in our back garden this morning. We think they will be much more secure in their new location and they truly look pretty comfortable.

Waking Up
Waking Up

We are relieved, proud foster parents. For now. We expect as they branch out and get accustomed to their new surroundings we may have to give one or the other a boost back up. The ladder is still handy 😉  We can see them clearly from our living room, back porch and kitchen. We will keep an eye on them and report their shenanigans.

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